Product review: Soap & Glory Make up *Part 1*

Here is the second post about the Soap & Glory Make up, the BEST bit !!!

Again these were Christmas presents, which im so glad i received!

Love at First Blush - Multi shade blushing powder.

My mum bought me the Blusher which is something i never wear, im not sure why i never wore it before, but i wear it everyday now!!! I love this blusher, its called 'Love at first Blush' in Pink Pop Pearl colour.

Its so pretty! i love swirling my brush around the colours, it has such nice coverage and feels light on your skin. After I've applied i then use my finger to highlight my cheek bones with the white colour, goes on well and looks really good.

All the colours in one swirl of the brush look like this -

The whole blusher palette on one swipe of the brush.
But i suppose you could use them all seperatly if you wanted too, and if you had a small enough brush. These are the colours individually.

You can see that the white is quite bright so its a good highlighter! The blusher comes with a mirror as well, and it has cute vintage style packaging.

  I'm so happy with this, and even though i was a bit apprehensive when i received it from my mum, im hooked, i will definitely replace it when it runs out as its only about £11 which is cheap for something of such good quality!


My next item that mummy Santa bought for me was the Mascara, it came in a nice pink box, and i couldnt believe how thick the tube was!

Thick & Fast Mascara - Super Volume False Lash effect mascara.

I immediately tried this mascara out  as soon as i opened the box i was like 'Whoa' the brush is huge.The mascara tube itself has a nice feel about it, it feels good quality not plasticy like most cheap brands.

Now i have quite large hands... so this brush really is huge! ;)
My only negative comment is that i think the brush it a bit too big. It does that annoying thing where the mascara goes onto your upper eyelid right above your lashes. Now i try and apply the mascara so carefully to prevent thing, but i still end up with a little smudge of black right top and centre on my eye lid... >.< gah!

The mascara is quite thick, as you can see it gets a bit gloopy on the brush, but it doesnt bother me too much as it does the job!

Eye eye captain!
This is with one coat of the thick & fast mascara, i love it! really defines my lashes nicely and doesnt leave any annoying gaps like some of my cheap mascara's. Although i do like this Mascara a lot, im not 100% sure i would buy it for myself when it runs out.. maybe if the brush was slightly smaller i would just to prevent the upper eyelid smudginess. I do think that with it being £10 its about average price for a decent mascara though so thats not bad at all.


Keep an eye out for Part two!

remember go to to check out prices and the other products they offer.
Disclaimer: these are all my own opinions, and i wasnt paid or perked for writing this post, i did it because i simply love the products.

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  1. Hi! I love the new blush,also. I have been using the whitish color as an eyeshadow on the lid and then one of the darker ones in my crease after I line upper and lower lashlines with a sparkley dark grey shadow. I then go under the lower lid with the white for extra brightening. It looks beautiful,natural,and lasts all day! It doesn't make you look like you have "pink-eye" like some of the other pink tones can do. I also have been using the Solar Powder as a blush. I tend to use it almost everyday. You should give it a try! Your pictures came out really good;very true to color.


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