What's in my Bag ?

Im starting my own Tag post, i love seeing what people have in their bags, because im nosey like that!

Here you go...

The bag was in a sale at Primark for £3 ! total bargain.
Inside Prints of the bags amazing!

Now the fun part... INSIDE the bag!
Im pretty shocked at how much i can fit in this bag, its a small over the body satchel, i have it quite well organised too. :)

  • Hello Kitty Monster purse from Loungefly.
  • Diary & 2 pens (Hello kitty /Elmo is my fav)
  • Blackberry Torch Smart Phone
  • Japanese sweet mints called Pinkes & chewing gum + old train tickets.. 
  • Hair band and some buttons which fell off so i kept them safe in my bag.
  • Work ID pass
  • Hello kitty note book & another pen. (a gift from a pen friend in the USA)
  • Hand sanitiser from Next, smells of orange blossom.  ♥
  • Hello kitty compact mirror
  • Nail buffer
  • My keys.
  • The essentials - 2x lipsticks (one No.17 Boots & one Estee Lauder) 2 x lips balms, Vaseline + Tampon + tissues (hello kitty of course!)
  • Umbrella.
You may notice a trend... i have a lot of hello kitty stuff on me at all times! hehe
I told you it was well organised though so here is the proof

The umbrella just sits on top of my phone only when its rubbish weather though.


  1. I have a half eaten dog biscuit in my bag....how on earth it got there is a mystery.....

  2. Love all the Hello Kitty things! Also love the bag, can't believe it was just £3, bargain. xx


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