My Fav Nail Varnish!

I have been growing my nails for about 9 months now, i stopped about 6 months before the wedding, and haven't bitten them since! so proud of my self :)

Currently my favourite Varnish is Collection 2000, Hot Shots. Mainly because they dry so quick. I cant get on with any other varnish as i always smudge them.

Here is my 'Collection'

My favourite is BMX Bandit as its such a lovely purpley blue colour (2nd from the left) - also pic below.

I pretty much buy one every time i pop into boots at the moment. :) i think there only about £1.79 and there 8ml size.

BMX Bandit - No.32
Big Hair - No.29

Bongo Beats - No.37

Teeny Bikini - No. 42

Ninja - No. 36
Angel Wings - No. 49
So there is my fav Nail Varnishes in a nut shell ... check out the other colours on their website

Disclaimer: these are all my own opinions, and i wasnt paid or perked for writing this post, i did it because i simply love the products.

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