Forever 21 Sale stuff

Here we go, as promised!

I went onto the Forever 21 website on Boxing day to spend some of My Xmas Money, Luckily for me there was a sale on and free postage! Wooo  - I have to say they got this to me so quick, baring in mind i ordered on Boxing day i received the order 4 days later which i thinks pretty good!

Nicely Packaged.
 I bought two things off my wish list ... and one random purchase.

£2.80 - Bangle -Random purchase ;)
Huge Scarf ! - £12ish

This Scarf is seriously huge, look at the size of my hand compared to it, and its folded in half a few times!! i wore it for the first time today and it did feel a bit on the large size, so i think ill keep it for the summer in case i need to use it as a pasmina style... shame really as its super warm but feels a bit strangulating!

Poncho Top - £18.75... pricey but worth it.
I wanted this top for so long from F:21, so i decided to cave in and buy it with my Xmas money. £18.75 isnt expensive for a top, but from forever 21 i think its quite expensive.

Its most certainly isn't!

My Poncho with a long sleeved ribbed t-shirt underneath.
I got the poncho in Large, but really wish now i'd got it in Medium as its quite huge on my, but its still nice :)
(excuse the mess in the background! oops)

So thats my Mini Forever 21 haul!

Click here for other Forever 21 shopping i've done!

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