Jem's Baby Shower!

Last weekend i was invited to Jem's baby shower, its so weird that my school friends are having kids, i still feel like were all 15.. lol (and i still cant believe were all 25 soon.. ahhh )

*deep breath*

Ok panic over about being 25 this year...

The baby shower was really nice, Her sister did some funny games, and Jem got some lovely presents!
You've already seen my present, which was the Maternity photos in this post. << click.

Nappy cake!

Cupcakes made my her sister!

First game...
Basically the first game was an ice cube with a little baby in it and the first persons baby to break free of the ice had to say 'My waters have broken' and they were the winner. I didnt win...

Present time!
Hamper one of her friends put together!

More presents! ♥
Another Game.. and the 'Mummy' to be.

I had a really good night and i cant wait to meet little Harley! :)

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