New Beauty Discoveries... Hair wash in a Can!

I have always toyed with the idea of Dry Shampoo, but i dont know why i always though it was just talc that you puffed onto your head. (i know, maybe in the old days they would have done this..)

But after seeing many people using Batiste dry shampoo spray in hair tutorials, i thought i'd give it a go.

I only bought a travel sized can to test it out, it was £1.52 from boots and i got the Tropical scent.

To be honest i only bought it as the can looks cute ♥

I am so surprised at how good this stuff is... i can wash my hair then on 2nd day Hair im starting to get agitated and end up wearing it in a pony tail as it 'feels' greasy. Now its not greasy, its just because i dye my hair red, to me it looks a bit rank at the roots. This stuff is so good though it instantly made my hair look clean again and gave it a little volume too!

I think once I've used this can ill get another trial size to test another fragrance and maybe see if i like that better, then ill go ahead and buy the full size can. I think from savers you can get it for under £3 which is a total bargain!

*I wasn't Paid or Perked for writing this post*

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