Diary of a Weight Watcher: Week 2

 Week 2...

So far its been ok, im really getting the hang of the pro points and how they work etc - i do have the odd day where im starving hungry, and some days im not. So i guess i need to find balance where im eating the right filling foods, and not eating junk.

I've been tracking everything i eat and writing it down in the paper tracker. I could do it on-line, but i find that i prefer to actually have it to hand when i want to look at it.

I have been eating a fair bit of weight watchers food, but mainly Yoghurt, bread, wraps, chocolate. This is just to get the hang of what im doing, i dont plan on always eating it, because lets be honest, its a bit gimmicky and must have loads of additives as the sell by dates really long.

This is one of the fresh meals I've tried and it was surprisingly nice!

On the packaging
On the plate! Yummm
I was happy that it actually looked like it should, and not a pile of gloop.

Another life saver for me this week is the Hot chocolate sachets, i managed to get a box of six in the 99p store, but i happend to notice they are 35p each or 5 for £1 in Asda. I have had the milk chocolate one, and for a diet drink its on par with the Options hot chocolate! I am currently drinking the Mint chocolate W/W one, and its really yummy, Not bad for 1 pro point!!!

So this week i think i had one small blip which was at my friends house for lunch, they had a buffet kind of lunch and i ate too much, i took it out of my weekly points but i felt bloated by the end of the day.
Usually i would give in to temptation and gorge on bad food, but this time i have the motivation, i want to succeed.

I went into the weigh in thinking that if i lost 2lb it would be amazing, but i only went and lost another 3.5lb!!
I'm so happy!! got my Silver 7 already, and im only 2 points away from getting my 5% weight loss award!
My aim for the following week is to lose 2lb, as it will mean i get my 5% and im well on my way to getting off this extra bulk, and get ready to be healthier and happier.

My only tips for surviving this long is to bulk out all my meals with veggies, especially raw spinach! love it! ♥

Starting Weight - 12st 7.5lbs
Current weight - 12st 0.5 lbs
Total loss so far -7 lbs

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