Diary of a Weight Watcher

I bit the bullet and signed up to Weight Watchers!

I have just completed my first week, and im really happy to say i lost 3.5lbs!

I think its partially to do with the two friends i have who have both been successful with weight loss on the Weight watchers diet and also because i keep seeing their TV advert all the time, its like its taunting me with pointing out im a fatty! :)

 I decided to have a look at their website first and read up a bit mainly to see if its something i could do with working 2 jobs, and having barely any money. It looked fairly simple, you get a certain amount of points a day, and you can pretty much eat what you want providing you stick to them. 
 I also noticed a promotion of a free registration & Meeting if you print off the voucher,  i love a voucher and a freebie! >>> Click here <<< for the voucher off their website.

 I then had to wait a whole week before the meeting so it gave me a good chance to think about what i was going to be undertaking...  (im talking about this like it was my last day on earth or something, but a diets bloody hard work!) 

On the night of my meeting a friend came along with me for moral support, i went in and noticed it was quite a smallish group but everyone seemed really friendly. I was told to wait for the Leader named Sam and fill in the form and sign the terms & conditions,  Then when she called me over she asked me why i was joining and a few basic questions like my height. Then i had to get on the scales... My weight one week ago was - 12 stone 7.5lbs. Not good when your only 5ft 1! - I stayed for the meeting, and had a getting started chat with the leader Sam afterwards, and it made me feel really motivated!

I was then given my daily points allowance and told i also have 49 weekly points to use as i wish, either one weekly feast, or if i go over my daily allowance etc. I'm on the Pro Points plan i get 27 points a day, and 49 weekly points. The most exciting bit was being given my folder with the starter info inside. I dont know why but i love folders, new bit of paperwork etc.. such a geek!!! :) 

Its a pretty cool folder, it doesnt scream IM ON A DIET!!!!! Its a nice colour and holds quite a few bits of information inside it. Which you can see on the right. The starter pack came with 4 booklets, a tracker and then you have my Personal Record chart. Every week i think i'll get a booklet and a tracker. Which im sure will give me plenty of ideas. 

I was a bit sceptical that it wouldnt work, as last week i hadnt been shopping and i barely had anything healthy in to eat, so come wednesday my first day of WW i thought 'oh crap this isnt going to work'
But i went to Tesco and spent £20 and got the following..

Selection of foods i can eat! yay!
I got alot of weight watchers products mainly because tesco seemed to have them all on offer for a £1 or multibuy. So i got alot for my £20. (You can also get the pasta sauce and hot choc in my local 99p store)
This has all lasted the week, and i still have some left, so all in all its lasted well! I also got fruit and veggies too! I'll do another post with a round up of the foods etc and photos at a later date. 

Seeing as i signed up for free, i figured it would be good to sign up monthly in order to get the access to the esource online & the app on my blackberry. (the app adds up nutritional values into points)
It cost me £14.95 for the first month, and it will be £19.95 for every month after. My monthly pass arrived in the post this morning, with some money off coupons! 

 End of week one!

Starting Weight - 12st 7.5lbs
Current weight - 12st 4lbs
Total loss so far - 3.5lbs

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  1. Well Done George!! I soooooo need to get back on the diet and fitness band wagon but finding it sooo hard at the mo. I need an incentive....like a holiday! lol Looking forward to seeing how you get on, good luck x


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