Product review: Soap & Glory Make up - Super-Colour Fabulipstick!

I waited and waited for Soap & glory to be restocked in boots, i was near to giving up and going off to sulk, then i saw that the Lipsticks were on offer for £7, and they had the colour i wanted, so i though... What the heck!

Here are the products i bought -

Lipstick - Lip Balm - Lip Pencil (with built in plumper)

I have been on the hunt for a decent Lipstick as i currently have a really nice Estee Lauder one which is just the 'PERFECT' colour, but i cant seem to find it anywhere to replace it. (Plus is will probably be super expensive)
So as soon as i saw that the lipsticks were on offer for £7 each i was like... errr its meant to be!
I chose a lipstick in Naked Beige, hoping it would be the right colour... I had to guess as there were no testers, looks like someone tea leafed them from the display.. gah! >.<

Cute box
Love the plain packaging
As far as the packaging goes, i really like it, it feels robust and something that wont get battered in your handbag, or the bottom of the make-up bag. It feels kind of like metal packaging.

Perfect New Lipstick ♥
I love the Soap & Glory Logo on the actual lipstick, it makes it feel alot more expensive than some of the other highstreet  brands, and sounds silly, but it does give it the extra wow, which would make me buy it lol

The feel of the lipstick on your skins quite nice, it feels very luxurious, and creamy. Now the Smell of the Lipstick is absolutely unbelievably YUMMY!!!! The best thing is that the lipstick isn't really shiny, i prefer a matt lipstick as im not that keen on lip gloss. It amazes me how hard it is to buy a non glossy lip stick!

I'm not the best at applying Lipstick.. bit wonky there haha

This lip stick has Collagen Boosting enhancers with plumping Pre-peptides. Usually with this type of lip plumping ingredient i find that it stings my mouth and my lips tend to flare up and go red. This lip stick didn't feel tingly, or sting at all, but you could feel it doing something if that makes sense...

It did make my lips feel fuller, but i did find that the more you apply the lipstick throughout the day the more it ended up tingling, so i dont think its something you could wear often. I think maybe its suited to an older woman.. being nearly 25 i dont really have any lines or wrinkles near my mouth so nothing needs plumping too much. It is by far the best smelling lipstick ever, so nice you can even smell it whilst your wearing it. 

I do like this lipstick, but i think i would prefer a few more colours to choose from as 3 isnt really enough..

Check out their other colours here on the s&g website - Click!

Keep an eye out for the next post about 'A great kisser' lip balm & 'Marvelips'

*I wasn't paid or perked for writing this post*

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