Product review: Soap & Glory Make up - A Great Kisser Lipbalm & Marvelips!

Here is the second part of the posts about the new Soap & Glory Lip products i bought..

A Great Kisser Lip Balm < click for the website info.

I wanted to get the Lip balm as soon as i saw it advertised on the S&G website, but it took such a long time for it to get in my local boots! So annoying!

The tin is pretty big, bigger than the Vaseline tins. I chose the Colour Juicy Peach, it smells so good!
I had a hard time choosing a colour as i wasn't sure how much colour would actually show, so i settled with Juicy Peach as i already have a Pink tinted Lip balm and fancied something different.

Just after i got home i was taking all my winter paraphernalia off, Scarf, Gloves, Coat etc - Then i noticed my dog eating something and though .. 'huh' on closer inspection i noticed he was chewing my Lip balm tin!!!
He only bloody helped himself to it out of my boots bag... I'm happy to say it wasn't damaged, only the lid has a few teeth marks..

Passed the Dog proof test!

So glad it passed the Dog testing.. i would have cried if it had got damaged before i had chance to even use it or look at the fresh new UN-used lip balm. This Balm is so nice when you have it on, it smells amazing, feels super moisturising and i dont think it has much colour, but it does have a nice peachy look and makes your lips look quite healthy.

The Peachy Natural look!
I have to say i do love this Lip balm loads and i am very tempted to buy the other two colours in Chocolate Cherry and Sweet Coconut. I dont think its bad either than they are £5 each as they are really good!


Next up is the Marvelips!

I cant remember when or how i saw a review on the marvelips, but it happened to be in stock when i was picking up the Lip balm and seeing as i had a voucher for £2 off i though i might as well treat myself to it. it was £8 which isnt expensive, but also isnt cheap for something you have never tried before..

Pretty packaging ♥
The back with a description & picture

The pencil looks pretty straight forward to use, double ended, a lid each end.. which dont seem that secure to me so im a tad worried they might fall off in my make up bag.

One end has the coloured pencil -

One end has the highlighter pencil -

Slightly sparkly highlighter
Its really simple to use this product, you literally draw an outline around your lips, then fill in with the coloured end, and then on your top lip draw a line along it with the white end. Its is supposed to give the illusion of fuller lips.

The one thing which bugged me a fair bit...

Residue from the coloured end!
I know it cant be helped, but this is so annoying as you have to clean it before you use it again or it wont have any effect. I felt like i had to put quite a lot on my lips for it to have any highlighting effect.

Here is the swatches on my hand..

Top - Highlighter / Bottom - Colour
And here it is on my lips -

 I really need to remember to moisturise my lips before i put things like this on... I LOVE this colour, its like the perfect lip colour i have been searching for. It smells really good too, kind of like Chocolate.

My only problem with this lip pencil is that i dont have a sharpener that it will fit in... So it would be beneficial for S&G to either give a freebie one with it, or sell a sharpener in the make up range.

I also wish they had another colour, maybe a nice bright pink colour... or a brown Nudish type colour..

If you go on the S&G website you can see the Marvelips and read more about it - click here

*I wasn't paid or perked for this product, simply writing it because i love the products*

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  1. Try using it the other way around...apply the highlighter end first...blend it a bit...then apply the colour. colour on the white tip lol! Xx


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