Product Review: Mia Tui Grace Bag & *discount code!!*

 I had the opportunity to review a Bag for Mia Tui, if you haven't heard of them then you should go over to the website and have a look at the amazing bags Charlotte Jamme has to offer!

Basically the bags are are totally functional and stylish from a busy working mum, to a business woman or even a photographer like me - on the Mia Tui website its quoted 'A bag for all reasons'
I have been on the hunt for a 'femine' camera bag, something i can use everyday or whilst on a photo shoot and not look like im carrying expensive equipment. What i love about the bag is that it looks like a large hand bag. Its incredibly deceiving at how large the bag actually is! I have always struggled to carry my camera around on a daily basis as its an SLR which is quite bulky, and as I've said before i dont want to get mugged, so it needs to be well hidden.

When i received the bag here is what it looked like straight out of the parcel -

So exciting seeing this parcel waiting for me!!

I was SO impressed when i first saw this bag..
The bag was packaged in lovely pink tissue paper, and i was so shocked at the colour of the bag, i chose Tan as i was given a preference. Now on the website the Tan is very Yellowy, it doesn't look at all like the colour i received, its very deceiving. I much prefer the look of the bag in person to what it looks like on the website. So my only thing i can really say about looks is that the website doesn't do the bags any justice.

Here is the Low down on the bag...

Inside The Grace it has many pockets, including a Pen holder, Mobile phone pocket, Drinks holder & a matching clutch bag. (Mine has the pink lining, but there is the option to choose Blue)

I have used this bag for a photo shoot and it easily fit my Canon 400D into it, the best thing is as this bag has the option to use it as an over the body bag it helps to take the weight of the camera and not give me shoulder ache. Also The Grace is what i would class as a 'large' handbag, but it doesnt look out of the ordinary to the general public, and it certainly doesnt look like a camera bag...

On Girls night!

As you can see it doesnt look bulky or even look like im carrying a camera bag! Its perfect for me as i like to be able to carry my camera with me 24/7 so that i can whip it out at a moments notice and not miss a photo opportunity. .

Everything in my bag including DSLR camera!
I am overall very happy with this Bag, and its going to be very useful for future photo shoots, and day to day camera use. Its definitely something that fits in with my style, and gets me lots of compliments!
Looks Stylish & you'd never know a DLSR was in the bag!
The only things i could say i would like to see added to the Grace bag is a Magnetic button/popper closure as i dont always like to use the Zip on my bag. I think they help if you have forgotten to zip shut your bag; if your shopping for example it makes it that much quicker and easier to grab your purse and chuck it back in your bag again. (I found that in a rush i couldn't get my purse into my bag as it kept going into the side pockets and then it meant i couldn't close the bag at all... I do however have a large purse so this maybe why.)

There is one other thing thats a bit annoying but not a permanent thing is the lining of the bag really smells when you first get it, it needs a good air before it smells normal.

I would definitely buy another bag from Mia Tui, there all so nice, and really well made if the grace is anything to go by.

If you want to place an order on the Mia Tui website, they were ever so kind to give me a 10% discount code to my readers & friends. 

All you need to do it click the photo below and enter the code at the checkout page.

*I wasn't Paid for this post, however i was perked with the product*


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