Old Friends are like your family, no one really understands them but you!

I met up with a friend from school last night, we haven't had a proper get together in years. I really missed our silly fun times together. Here is a run down of the night...

Katy picked me up and we went to the fuel station, to witness some wierdo's lifting there car up and bouncing it up and down.... and no, Im not joking. haha

We then got back to hers and she had made a totally yummy dinner, Pasta Bake with Veggies mixed in, and my own little garlic bread, so YUMMY!!!

So yummy, i forgot to take a photo of it...

Here is my totally cleaned plate... told you it was yummy ! :)

I took my wedding DVD for Katy to watch as like many people she hadnt seen it, so we watched that and cracked up about silly things on the video.. makes me cringe big style to watch it! haha

We had a look through my wedding photos as well, which was nice to reminisce, cant believe it was 4 months ago!!

I hadnt been to Katy's house for about 6 years so she showed her her new wardrobes which im totally Jealous of...LOOK how awesome the jewellery drawer is!!!!

Then we struck gold... Katy had some old school / College photos, and some Journals we used to write in..
So funny, cracked up laughing at the stuff we wrote in them, it was funny as it must have been a time where we fell out during Year 9. Some of the stuff which was written was bad, but hilarious. I mean if i had read it when i was 13 i would have been upset, but now its so funny!! Katy kept apologising but i really didnt care, it was bloody hilarious!! So funny how your mind works when your 13, and how the stupidest things wind you up. Its quite interesting to look back on these journals and realise how irrational you are as a teenager.

A poem i wrote for Katy about Dink the Dinosaur.. random!

Some old photos...
Form group shot ... Can you see me?
And to crack you up .... a close up -

Left - Me, Katy (middle), then Jemma on the right.

When Katy did my make up at college for an assignment... this was in 2004 i think..
Yep there is me in the middle with a peace sign... so 90's.
Yes im a geek who loves to draw floor plans... i did back then, and i do now! (this is for you Amy!)
I loved last night, i had such a good time catching up, and i have missed our friendship so much, it feels so good to be re-united with an old friend again, even if it feels like we have never been apart.

Here's to more Fun times!

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