Wishlist 2: Lush

I have completly ran out of my lush bath stuff, so since they have a new line of Make up it spurred me on to have a look through the latest Lush times... If you dont know what the Lush times is then where have you been?!  > Click here to See the Lush times <

Basically its like their own newspaper, but seriously its so good at explaining their products, and it really opens your eyes to products you may have over looked before.

Always on the top of my list is Bath Bombs..

1.Butter Ball - £2.45 each - seriously the most moisterising bath ever.

2. Twilight - £3.20 each - Never tried before, it says 'Let the sun set around you as you let go of the day and drift off to a world of dreams' Specially for bedtime, sounds dreamy... lol

3. Think Pink - £2.50 - Never tried this before either.. however it states that its got Vanilla and Tonka Absolutes and Neroli. Sounds lovely to me... jump in my wishlist basket why dont you!

Next on my Wishlist is Bath Melts...

1. Happy Blooming - £3.95 - I loved this last time i bought it,  3 baths from this one Melt, its a bargain, made my skin feel thoroughly moisterised.

2. Floating Island - £3.85 - Never tried this one before, it says that its a luxury bath melt with, Cocoa butter, sandalwood, and almond Oil. Sounds so soothing, its also good for dry skin, and it says it foams in the bath.. mmm 

Next up is Bubble Bars, i have only used Dorothy before, which was awesome. 

1. Creamy Candy - £2.50 - Never tried this, my friend has and she said it smells lovely, the website says that its like a sweet candy floss bath... 

I have tried many a facemask sample and my favourite has to be ..

Catastrophe Cosmetic - £5.75 a tub - they are fresh, must be kept in the fridge, and seriously this ones awesome! - i got two facemasks from a sample, so i cant imagine how many i would get from the full size... exciting!! (it has fresh Blueberrys in it!) <3

The next are items i have never used before, but they have always intiged me..

1. Body butter - King of Skin - £5.25 - It has fresh banana's in it, and i gather that you rub it over your skin in the bath, rinse off then get out with totally moisterised skin. Tadaa!

I think i might need a Body butter tin for these.. but im not spending £2.95 for a metal tin, when a plastic tub from tesco will do the same job...

2.  Eau Roma toner water - £3.95 100g spray bottle - Im hoping this is the same as the Vitamin E spray from the Bodyshop, or better.. I love that stuff, but wont buy from the bodyshop anymore.

So.. thats my Lush wish list.

 its quite a long one, however i feel that on pay day i shall be paying them a visit... i can hear my bank acount screaming in agony already.

I havent been paid or perked for writing this, i just love lush soooooo much... check our their website to see everything above... www.lush.co.uk


  1. Hiya hun.

    I just came across your blog and I really like it. I'm a follower :)

    I love Lush. In fact, I am OBSESSED with Lush haha.

    I noticed that you did the Asos Blogger Challenge. So did I. Good luck :)

    I've just taken part in another blogger challenge and wanted to let you know about it incase you wanted to aswell.

    The competition tests your research and creativity skills as you find and post about the best websites for saving money in fashion. It's really quite fun to do - and the prize is £300 to spend on whatever you want!

    Check out my blog for more info if you are interested - http://www.bfalonabudget.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/blogger-competition-win-300.html

    I love little blogger challenges like this :)

    xoxo Lauren

    1. Hey,
      Thanks for letting me know, I had been emailed about the competition but I'm just trying to fond time to do it. :-)
      Thanks for following x


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