London Mini Break - Part 2!

After a pretty good sleep... The trains were a little noisy and the bed was pretty hard.. ugh
The totally amazing freshly cooked Fry up made up for it, and totally re-fueled me for a busy day ahead!

We jumped on the Tube early and made our way for the Natural History museum, and BAM we hit the Queue, took about 20 mins in the freezing cold to get in. It was totally worth it though, i love the main hall with Dippy.

We spent the time looking at everything Dinosaur, reptile, mammal and fish related... the Dinosaur exhibits have changed since i last went! 

They are amazing now, really well laid out so you walk through and see everything, and queue to see the Animatronic T-REX... which is pretty scary up close. 

We also saw the Big blue whale, but that room was rammed with school kids and to be honest made me lose my patience. There is only so many times i can be bumped into and pushed out the way by small children before im like 'GET ME OUTTA HERE'

So off to the gift shop we went... last time i came the museum i had no money so i avoided the shop. This time i was like... i can buy what i want... Okay!

One book, 2 Magnets and a few post cards later we were off to the science museum!

---insert science museum collage---

We played about with a Google machine where it takes your photo and converts it to an image in the sand. The clever computer uses a arm to draw you... awesome. Annoyingly it wouldnt draw the both of us... technology eh?

I have been to the science museum before so i wasnt too fussed about looking around, plus i was getting hot and bothered and my feet were hurting, and the school children were in hoards around us annoying me .. haha 'lighten up Georgia i hear you say'

My bright idea was to walk to Harrods which is in knightsbridge.... not the knightsbridge near south kensington tube station. Aghhh - we walked for about 2 miles passed the Royal albert hall and back to the then we were pissed off and hopped on the Tube to Leicester square for lunch. Garfunkels was the venue of choice, 2 burgers later (1 veggie!) we had a cheeky look in the M&M Store... i love this place, i feel like a kid... in a sweetshop. 

I had to get another cup to match my I ♥ Vegas one, sadly they didnt do the same kind as the vegas one (the plastic one which you shake and it has glitter inside) so i had to make do with this London one, still pretty cool. The i totally went mad and bought a M&M xmas tree decoration... i dont really like it much now either, it wa a good idea at the time.. haha

The next stop was Harrods, the motherland of all things expensive!

We walked in the door and within 10 mins we were like how do we get out... seriously its a fricken maze!

We had a look around, and we were going to get coffee but all the cafe's inside were closed, which made no sense since the store was still open. So after we found the exit it was pitch black outside and about 8pm at night, we hot footed it over to Selfridges... with one thing in mind.

I had Original size (which was huge for a small!) Chocolate yogurt with Strawberry, melon, smarties and chocolate curls. They packaged it up for me to take away, put a little icebag in and everything. 

Next stop was coffee for Mike, so we wandered around the food court to Lola's Cupcakes. Mike chose the chocolate chilli, and i had the Banana cupcake which was a mini size.


That was the end of that day pretty much, we didnt get dinner as the late lunch had still kept us nice and full.... Then mike popped out and came back with the biggest portion of chips i've ever seen. All for £2.50!!! you wouldnt even get that where we live and were in a town about 60miles from London... just goes to show it can be cheaper in London haha

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