Lush: Fluffy Egg

Whilst i was in London i popped into the Tiny Lush in waterloo Station. Even though its small its a little treasure trove of goodies. Its suprisingly well laid out, so after i browsed the amazingness that is Lush, i decided to pick a few easter bits up.

I picked up the Fluffy Egg bath bomb which is just so cute, it smells good too. 
I always look at Lush online, and think ohhh yeah i'll get that, and that and that... 

but then...

I go into the store, smell it and im like ickkkkkk thats horrible. (Lush is awesome, but i cant stand christmassy scents like cinnamon etc, so sometimes you get a bad egg..) 

Its just a good job i dont order online as i think i would be disapointed sometimes. The plus to going into the store means i check things out that i wouldnt have looked at before.

Annnnyway, the Fluffy egg.

Cost: £2.95

Smells of Candy and Love and Hugs.

Yep, there is such thing in my head.

Blurry, but the actual colour of my bath water.

If they still have them, then definatly go try this out!

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  1. Candy scented bath bombs are lush! I recently made my own bath bombs and they turned out smelling a lot like skittles strangely enough. Its always good looking instore because you can smell before you buy. I've bought a few things before that I haven't liked the smell of and ended up swapping or selling them. I'm not really a big fan of the scent of their Hemp products.


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