Diary of a weight watcher...Pilates

So im still trying to lose weight, i've crept back up a little bit. Think ive lost 10lb in total... need to lose a lot more to get to goal. 

I've been doing Pilates for a couple of weeks now as my friend is an exercise-phobe but she likes it, and suprisingly i like it too! 

I never thought it would be that hard, its just stretching right... WRONG, have you ever tried to plank when your 3 stone over weight!!! 

No i hadnt either, MAN its hard!!!

You would think a youtube addict like me would have checked it out on there first, but to be honest im glad i just went in not knowing what it was, the hour flies by. We tried out the intermidiate class which was hard!

I found this video on Youtube which give a good example of what we did.. my knee's were not thankful for it, but after the intial pain, the next day my knee's didnt hurt. So it must be working!

By the time you have read this i should have also tried out Zumba, so ill report back on my thoughs..


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