Everyday Make up - Neutral

Here is a little look into my everyday make up look.

I never used to wear make up to work, but since the beginning of the year i have made the effort to stick some on every morning. Its all thanks to my Finding Mr Bright set from Benefit.  (i wrote about it here)

The main items i used for this was...

Maybelline Rocket mascara in Black
Stila Countless colour pigment in Encore (not released yet - due out in SS13)
Clinique brown soft eyeliner pencil

The rest of my daily make up items are:

(Nivea Lip butter, Soap & Glory Lid stuff neutral palette, soap & glory blusher, Benefit erase paste in Medium, and a Avon clear mascara)

So all i use for the neautral eyes for work, is a smokey eye in all the browns. i just layer the colours with the lightest first, right up to my brow bone, then the middle shade blended up to the crease, and then with the darkest brown i blend it into the crease of my eyelid and up above it abit. This is really hard to explain when arent a Pro!

Then i line my eyes with the Clinque brown pencil from the middle of my upper lid right around to the middle of my lower lid. (Although i dont line the bottom for work, incase of watery eyes)

Next step is my Mascara, i only put it on my upper lashes for work as i get watery eyes due to the air-con, so i want to minimise the smudging, 

The brush on Maybellines Rocket Mascara is good, i didnt like it much to begin with, but it is good and ill persevere with it. It gives your lashes a boost which is nice for daily wear, but for evening i would reach of for Benefits there real.

 I then use my Avon clear mascara to tame my eyebrows, and then I then stick on a bit of Rimmel bronzer and some blusher, wack on the Nivea Lip butter and away i go! 

Except i added Rimmel Apocolips on for this picture.. and im not bald, even though it looks like i am in this picture.

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