Review: e-cigarette

We were sent another e-cigarette to review by Smoke Relief

Here are some facts about the e-cigarette:

  • The contain no Tar or carbon monoxide smoke
  • Nicotine is its principle ingredient 
  • They are alot cheaper (£7.99 for 10 refills which is the equivalent to approx 200 cigarettes)
  • You don't get stained teeth or bad breathe
  • Less environmental impact. 
When you breathe out, like a normal cigarette smoke exhales from your mouth, however its not real smoke, its vapour. This cuts out the problem of second hand smoke inhalation and it less harmful to others around you, as well as yourself.

The cigerette we were provided with came in a plastic cigarette style box which holds a charge to charge on the go, which unlike other models we have tried this is SO much more convieient to use. No being caught short when your out and the battery has died. 

An extract from their website:

Basically your rechargeable kit includes: an electronic cigarette, charger box and 5 cartridges (the equivalent of 10 packets of cigarettes).
You plug the Charger Box into a usb port to charge it up, it lasts about a week. With the Charger Box you can charge your cigarette battery on the move. With the electronic cigarette battery charged up just screw a cartomiser on and enjoy. 5-7 drags is equivalent to one tobacco cigarette. The charger box takes about 4 hours to charge from a USB or wall socket. A cigarette battery takes about 2-2.5 hours to charge in the Charger Box.

Mike has been using this for over a week, and he said:

I think its good, its good in comparison to its competitiers, it gave me slight headaches like a headrush which as soon as i stipped inhaling it went, so it stopped me from using it too much, which probably wasnt a bad thing! 

Useful for smoking in my work van, and onsite, means i cant get told off as its not an actual cigerette! - I also liked the easy way to charge whilst i was at work, i wasnt ever caught without power. 

Here are few pictures of the product:


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