London Mini Break :)

At the weekend me and Mike went away to London for a couple of nights. We booked for maxmium touristy adventures!

We had a fun packed few days, and were pretty knackered once we got home, it was worth it though.

We stayed in the Wellington Hotel next to waterloo, the room was nicer than i expected, although i had checked out some tripadvisor reviews and other peoples photos they never do the real thing justice.

After we had settled in, unpacked watched a bit of tv as you do, we hopped on the tube to the british museum, the objective: Egyptian exhibits!

The Museum was heaving with people, but we managed to mingle our way through to the exhibits. Even though we have been to Egypt and seen all the temples and been to some amazing places. It never  stops amazing me at how awesome the Eypgtians were. The mummys, the carvings in stone, the jewellery. It was a nice afternoon spent looking at some history. The other highlight was the Museum shop - im a girl, all shops excite me :)
We bought a Tutunkaman mask Magnet, we collect magnets for all places we visit so we have a nice memory every time we look at the fridge. 

Next stop was a mooch about Covent Garden, i had a look in Art box and i was sooooooo pissed off as they didnt have a scheduler book that i wanted to get. Daaaaagnamit!!
I did however pop into Benefit and tried out the new Fake up Concealer, which i have to say is pretty awesome and really does moisterise and prevent creasin

I then had to rush out as we went to see STOMP at the ambassedor theatre, we booked seats in the Circle (row G) and we had a brilliant view of the stage. The show was very loud, and they literally use everything and anything to make music, like Zippo lighters, shopping trolleys, plastic bags, brooms, and even just stamping their feet and clapping their hands. It was quite comical in parts with the gestures they made towards each other, they dont speak at all, but it was still funny in its own way, and they even got you to interact with them by clapping along. 

We finished the night off with a freezing cold walk from Embankment across the bridge to the southbank centre and had dinner at Wagamama's, it was mikes first time. We both had Katsu curry, mine was Yasai (veggie) i had a side of their classic salad, and Mike had Ribs. It was a pretty yummy dinner and i was totally stuffed by the time we left, perfect for just going to chill at the hotel and watch Tv.... finished with Zzzzzzz

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  1. hi geo! loved reading bout your little trip, i absolutely adore katsu curry ahhh! i've nominated you for the liebster award if you wanna check the tag out it's on my blog :) take care! xxx


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