Weekend antics.

Its been eventful... me for anyway! ha - dont get your hopes up.

My hoover broke, due to the dogs, thanks boys!

I ordered a new one, Dyson Animal.

I think i may love it a bit more than my husband.

Seriously this Dyson sucks up dog hair like no other Dyson could.. ever!

Enough of the Dyson... before i get tempted go do the vacumming again. #ineedtogetalife

Another little story, Thursday night there i was happily toasting some bagels for our dinner, and i thought, hmm the warming rack on our 8yr old toaster doesnt look right. 

Thats because it was fricking melting off!!! our toaster is no more, finito, nada, nothing. RIP mr Toaster.

 The plus side is, the kitchen looks less cluttered without it, and i can use the grill if i want toast (rarely eat it anyway) and ill just have to use George Forman to heat my bagels in the future. The grill, not actual George Foreman, that would be wierd if he just lived in my kitchen for all my grill heating needs.

The rest of the weekend was spent picking up our new fish tank, and kitting it out ready to transfer my fishys over!

My hands are paying the price right now though, SO Dry it hurts. if anyone knows a good hand cream, please do let me know! :)

Ill post some fish tank pictures another day once its all settled.

Little and Large


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