A little bit of Liz Earle...

I have been having such bad skin problems lately, i just cant seem to get enough moisture on my face its gone from being combo skin to extremely dry borderline looking like Eczema on my cheek and one of my eyelids.

So for one week i put E45 itchy cream on all the dry patches on my face but it hadnt really made any difference at all.

I received a Liz Earle Sample for the Hot Cloth cleanser (which came with a muslin cloth) which is different to any cleanser i've ever used before! I was also sent a booklet on the other products they have to offer, which as got me hooked now.

It is a very generous sized sample and i can get a good couple of uses from it. I liberally applied the cleanser to dry skin on my face and massaged it in circular motions, whilst i was doing this i scrunched the muslin cloth under the hot tap to warm up.

A very thick creamy texture.

Before... (sorry about looking rough)
Looking a little red after the muslin polish off...but thats normal for my skin.
 I got a bit of a red face after polishing it off with the Muslin but my skin felt amazing the next day, the patches of dry skin had nearly cleared up on my cheek, I'm going to get the full size product once I've used the sample up, Its £14.95 for the starter pack and its in a pump sized 100ml bottle with a muslin cloth.

Its definatly a new fav of mine already!


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