What a week!

This has been on eventful week... they say things come in three's.. i dont think anything can get worse now.

After my Nana passing away last Thursday, my brother was involved in a serious car accident this thursday.
He was on his motor bike and got hit by a car pulling out of a junction. He is ok and alive, but he has a bad injury to his knee and had to have an operation yesterday to clean it as he got Air and grit and road debris trapped in the joint. He has to have Antibiotics through an IV to make sure he doesnt get a serious infection.
He is one very fed up boy at the hospital, he isnt a very good patient thats for sure! ;)

Im just feeling mentally drained now after all of this, its been by far the worst week of our lives!


I'm so grateful that my brother is alive, it makes you realise how precious life is.

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