Pay Day Cosmetic wish list

I have been itching for payday to hurry the hell up, i have a strict budget becuase im trying to get debt free this year... So im thinking that this pay these are the things i want to treat myself too..

Rimmell 1000 kisses - In the colour Tirimisu ... (i think, ill have to do some more swatching on my hands.. )
They are on 3 for 2 in Boots amongst other make up items. 

I would really like a Revlon version of these too as they are equally as lovely, but i think there better quality as the swatch on hand lasted 2 days!!!! (i scrubbed it and it wouldnt come off! haha)

I cant remember what colour revlon one i liked, so again ill have to swatch them all... Again there in the 3 for 2 in boots.

Another thing i really would like to get is a bronzer, I saw my cousin had this Bourjois once which smells and looks like chocolate! its £6.99 but again its 3 for 2.

yummmmm chocolate!

As everyone's aware i love Soap & Glory make up, i haven't really bought any of the bath stuff or face stuff (apart from the glow job i received for Xmas) So i was thinking of getting there 15 min Facial peel for me and mike to try.

Its £8, and there is an offer on that if you spend £10 or more you get the Foam call bath and shower wash free, typical the item i want is under £10!!! gah (>.<)

So maybe i can find something for £2 to get it free... we'll see... hmm. maybe a facial massager -

£4, might get rid of my dry skin too..

I have seen a lot of hype about MUA make up, and to be honest I've over looked it in superdrug as it is so cheap I've just thought, well thats bound to be a load of crap... So i might get an eye-shadow to try it out.

I like the look of the Pink Sorbet trio eyeshadow - £2.50

I need a bronzer, and with the MUA one only being £2.50 i think i might just give it a go.

MUA Mosiac Bronzer ^^

Here is to pay day budget shopping! :) I work hard to deserve a little treat... ill update you with what i decide to buy. (After I've paid £60 for the dogs yearly Jabs )

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