Diary of a Weight Watcher: Week 4

Week 4

I went back to the basics this week, i was determined to get the 1lb i put on, back off. I really stuck to my points as best as i could and didn't go over, i desperatly saved my weekly points for the evening of my weight in. (Which i did, and i had half a frozen pizza, some chips and spoonful of beans... yummm)
Im pleased to say i lost 1lb, so i got it back off, and im back on track! I now have the hard part of getting under 12 stone.. once i do it, it will be fantastic!

Here are my life savers this week...

I am veggie, but with the ready meal i bought it to see if it had lots of meat in or not, as it turns out it doesnt have a lot in, so i picked the chicken out and then had a really nice pasta bake for my lunch! not bad either as they were any 3 for £3 at iceland! bargain!

And the swiss rolls are literally a life saver for a chocolate fix!

  Here's to hoping that i lose something next week!

Starting Weight - 12st 7.5lbs
Current weight - 12st 1.5 lbs
Total loss so far -7 lbs

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  1. Well done Geo! I'm starting Rosemary C again end of the month...need to lose this stone I've gained! x


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