A day i'll never forget...

I cant believe im going to write this, i knew this day would come, but it was just so unexpected.

September 2011

My Great Grandmother, aka: Little Nana passed away

She was such a kind lady, she would do anything for anyone, she made the best cakes & home made soups, and she had the softest hands. I will always remember her for the times we spent in her huge garden at the cottage she lived in, how she always stockpiled home made Jams in her outhouse so we could always pick a jar to take home whenever we visited. I remember hot sunny days spent in her garden helping her to clean all the brass, getting high from the brasso, but carrying on anyway. The night i had a sleepover there and she made me cheese on toast (in a saucepan with milk?!) and i was so sick from a bug, but it put me off cheese on toast ever since. I remember her always rushing about in her slippers with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, letting the ash get so long but it never seemed to fall off. It still makes me laugh about the time the phone rang and Nana rushed to get it and kicked the door off my barbie camper van, and standing on my cousins tamogotchi. Nana was greatly loved for 89 years of her life, and will never be forgotten.

So many memories all good, they will always outweigh the last day i saw her. Im glad i was there with her on that day to say my goodbyes, and make sure she was ok. Big Granddad was waiting for her getting impatient  the lights were flickering in the hall outside her room, and her lamp was flickering when i was sat in the chair opposite her bed. There was this sense of calmness when i was with her, which is what makes me believe that she was happy to go, happy to be with Big Granddad once again.

My Nana & Granddad many years ago.
Nana & Granddad on their wedding day (approx 1944)

I love you Little Nana and I'll always miss you, but i know you will be with me all the time in my   heart. ♥


  1. Awh, I'm so sorry to hear this. The photos are adorable! My thoughts are with you <3

  2. Sending you virtual hugs. I miss my grandad every day, it's coming up to two years now. x


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