A little bit of saturday shopping

I decided to pop out on Saturday following an incredibly hard few days i just had to get out the house so off i went into town... the day before mothers day, it was awful. So busy, so many people. n.e.v.e.r again will i try to go to card factory on a special occasion.

My head was a bit all over the place so with the added business i couldn't remember what i wanted to buy and i ended up going to all the wrong shops..ugh.

My main mission was to get some moisturiser as mine has run out, and i wanted something more suited to dry skin, seeing as mines decided to change from combo to incredibly dry...

From Super-drug -  All on offer :)

Johnsons face wipes for Dry skin - £1.52
Lynx For her - £1.99
Olay Essentials complete care - £3.60
Total = £7.11

I then went to Boots and bought a new Batiste which is cherry scented. I loved the sample size so much i definatly will be getting this dry shampoo again, its amazing stuff. I also got some cotton pads for my cleanser as i'd ran out, so nothing too exciting there. The Batiste was £2.99.

The Lynx for her smells nice, it kind of smells like water melon. Its basically the same as Impulse though, which is funny as i always considered Impulse to be the female version of Lynx anyway.

I'll write up another time about the Olay as I've never used it before so ill write my thoughts on it at a later date.

Anyway thats what I've been buying to top up my beauty supplies :)

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