Diary of a Weight Watcher: Week 3

Week 3

Oh dear, where do i begin. This hasn't been a good week at all. It started with me allowing myself my weekly treat out of my 49 weekly pro points. But i ended up being given a free pizza after working at pizza hut, and they got me at a week moment, and i was like 'oh ok yeah thanks!'

Bad move. 

It totally spiralled out of control this week, i came down with a Cold and generally feel like crap (felt worse last weekend, but feeling slightly better, even though a bit congested still) i then got a coldsore from feeling run down, and i was panicking all weekend about being prepared for a Interview for promotion at work. 
So i realise now i use food as a comfort when im ill, or worried, And it needs to stop!
I have started from scratch after my weight in as i want to get good results and lose the weight, so here goes to a new week, and a new start. Im keeping it real with these posts, as i want to prove that dieting is hard, and its a lifestyle change not a faddy thing to do just for a quick change.

I put on 1lb in weight this week, and here's to hoping that i lose something next week!

Starting Weight - 12st 7.5lbs
Current weight - 12st 1.5 lbs
Total loss so far -6 lbs
Gained - 1lb ! :(

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