London Day out! Part 2

So as promised here is the second part of our day out to London....

After Art box we ventured over to the Stila Festical of colour event which was in the very funky ice tank venue.

It was like walking into a festival, we sat on camp chairs, there was a teepee, Cans of drink in every chair. One thing i have noticed with events and promotional days they always hand out free drinks! i had a bag full by the time i got home. Free coconut water from H&M, cans from this event, and beauty water bottles.

When we got to the event they drew a love heart on our hands, and said all would be revealed later on.

We were shown a presentation of this the summer collection by their creative director, who was wearing a lovely green dress, she looked so fabulous.

Throughout the presentation the model had a make over to show the different products for the summer collection.

Range of the Baked eyeshadows

Models make up after the presentation

Groupoe, Light show, and Lyric Countless colour pigments
Becky being a dork! :)

Stila Lipglosses, BB blush and Bronzer.
Half way through the evening when they got to the Stila after glow lip colours, they showed us why we had the hearts on our hands... The lights went off, and the black lights came on!

The lip colours freaking glow in UV light!!! and i dont mean they glow... i mean they GLOW they would be awazing for raving, or festivals.

When the even finished we were given a goodie bag of things to try, so i will write about them soon after i have used them for a while.

Stila light source serum, Encoure eyeshadow, oreo's and beauty water.
After the event we went to Pizza express for dinner...

 Becky persuaded me to try Olives, and i have decided i neither like, nor dislike them. But i'd happily give them a miss in the future haha

Dinner time!
We both had a good day, lots of laughing, shopping and eating. We actually went to forever 21 after dinner, as its the best time. it doesnt close until 10pm so you have no people to get in your way whilst you shop. We then hopped back on the tube to waterloo, and literally had 2 mins to spare and had to RUN to the train home... im suprised we even made it!

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