Miss Sporty Nail polish

I had a sneaky little boots shop the other day on my lunch break and had enough points to buy some stuff, one of the things i bought was the Miss sporty nail polish in a really nice bright shiny red.

Oooh so pretty......

I have always assumed Miss sporty was a teenager brand and its cheap, therefore its crap. However this isnt the case, this nail polish says it lasts up to 10 days. I have been wearing it for 7 days and itd got minor chipping. (Considering i type all day, and walk the dogs alot this is impressive!)

I did use my nails inc topcoat, but usually my polish still chips after a few days, so im really impressed with this. The brush is a good shape as well one swipe on my little finger and it was painted. I also did just the one coat and it turned out well..

Here it is 7 days later...

7 days later, still looking good!

7 days later..
  I'm really impressed with this and i'll be looking out for more, specially as there only £1.99!!

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