London Oxford street: Forever 21 March 2013

I went to london this week for an event, and afterwards i just had to pop into Forever 21 to see what they had to offer this season. 

They had some lovely clothes, but me being all de-motivated to lose weight i was all 'nah that wouldnt suit me' i did however pick up 2 items...

Yes a whole 2 items, and £15 spent.

First was this Elmo racer back vest for £12, how could i pass that up. I love Elmo so i grabbed him and plonked him in my basket. It came in handy for 'Wear Red' dress down day at work. 

The second item i got was from the 'Heaven floor' thats my nickname for the jewellery floor. As the lift door opens, its bright white and you can see shoes, bags and jewellery. Thats heaven to me ;)

Rose gold style hammered heart

Its much more obvious in person...

I heart it


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