Bassbuds Bonanza!

Now i love music, and good head phones are key to good quality. I have seen these before and they caught my eye due to the funky colours they come in... 

Cool arent they, now they dont just look cool, they also promise to isolate noise, have advanced crystaltronics sound quality, they also have call and MP3 controller, and a handsfree mic. Not just a pretty face are they!

You can buy them from here - Bass Buds website  for £49.95.

Bass Buds are having an official Launch party next saturday the 23rd March at Wemberley Arena, it looks like an awesome event. Its called 'The 90's R&B groups edition'

Artists include:

Dru Hill
SWV and Changing faces

Its starts at 6pm... Are you available then???

Well to WIN tickets go on Bass buds website - Click here to enter the Bass Buds competition

The Grand prize!

 Looks good doesnt it... there is also 2 other huge prizes, plus hundreds of Bass buds ear phones to be won.


Even if you arent lucky enough to win the tickets, you can buy them for £35 each, im kinda gutted i cant get tickets... im actually going to london Sunday! typical :(


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