London day out! - Part one!

I was invited to the Stila summer festival event, so i popped along with my friend Becky on thursday last week. We decided to make a day of it and got to london at about 2pm, we headed straight to Camden..

We had a look around the shops, american apparel and Irregular choice... Love!

 We walked around the Stables market which is awesome, and has a huge variety of shops, so i recommend anyone to check it out. 

We then went over to H&M on oxford circus as it was its open day, they had a cool photo booth which we jumped in and had our pictures taken (with the props they provided)

Top left is the funniest picture, we didnt realise it was taking the second picture already! haha
H&M is pretty cool, had 4 floors and loads of clothes to look at, its worth a visit. :)

Next we went to the Salvage Army charity shop which is just off Regent street, this place looks shabby and unorganised, but it has lots of hidden gems. Mens designer shirts were £15 each!!! All saints, Hugo Boss, christian Dior, Armani etc.. i picked up a Jessica Simpson bag for £3.75.

Cute isnt it, plus you cant beat the fact it cost £3.75 and the money goes to a good cause. i'll be sure to check out more charity shops when im in London, just to see what other bargains i can get my hands on.

Next stop was Covent Garden, and i took Becky to Artbox... we both came out with this postcard haha

I bought a planner for £1.40!!! I love Asian style stationary, and i know ill be going back to get some more writing paper and a notepad :)

Its a year planner which is all blank so you can start at what ever month of the year you want, and it has check lists, things to do and notes on every page. Well worth the price.

Come back for part two Next week with more info on the Stila event i went to.

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  1. Love charity shop bargains, the planner and bag are gorgeous.


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