Girls night Feb 2013

I forgot to post about my girls night from the beginning of Feb!

We all goto the same Weight watchers together, so we all have something in common... we like to eat! nom.

I know Jen though work, and because of the photo's i have done of Daisy, and Katy is my BFF From school and i met Lindsey through Jen :)

L:Lindsey - R: Jen

L: Meeee - R: Katy

We went to Mimosa, which is an all y9ou can eat chinese + indian buffet, we did this on a tuesday, after our weigh in. Oh yeah... we break the rules.

My food... yum yummmm

Lynchburg Lemonade.... ♥

Origami Flower made by Jen, awesome isnt it! I still have it kept safe in my lounge :)

It was a really nice night to chat, eat good food, have a drink and just generally do something different. I work so much that its nice to let me hair down every now and then. 
Im hoping there is many more of these nights! 


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