Safe Haven + dinner

I decided to write a little bit of a movie review, and just a recap of my night out...

Myself and Katy went to watch Safe Haven, i saw it advertised when i went to see Warm Bodies (which was also really good) the film is very similar to sleeping with the enemy.

 Its starts with Katie running out of her house to a neighbours and asking for help, then it skips to a bus station and shes trying to get away with the FBI following her...
She eventually gets off the bus in a quiant little town. She was only meant to be there for a stop over but decided to stay. She meets the owner of the shop, he has 2 children. its basically a struggle for her to find love again, she is reluctant to be friends with people as shes scared due to the way shes been treated before by her husband. 

She meets a neighbour and makes friends, she eventually lets Alex into her life and they become friends, which then goes onto them dating and falling in love. Her husband is hot on her persuit and will do anything to find her... Alex finds a wanted poster saying Katie is wanted for 1st degree murder, only this isnt true. Her husband is actually in the FBI and will do anything in his power to find her. 

Me and Katy found this film really good, its suspense thriller in parts where your like... ahhhhh *covers eyes* some ones going to jump out...' :)

I wont eleborate any more on the file, because i dont want to ruin it, but basically its a good film, gripping and has a really nice ending.

After the film we went onto Pizza express and had a bite to eat..

Originale Bruschetta .. YUM

Naughty Banoffee Pie

Katy & Me.
Im going to try and goto the cinema more often now i have one on my doorstep.... literally not even kidding, its 1 min walk from my front door!


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  1. I've not been to the cinema in ages, although I think there are a lot of good films coming out soon.


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