What happened in Vegas .... Day 2

After one really late night, we woke up feeling like we were 'actually' in Vegas! like it was all real, and we could really go out and explore. We had all the stressful stuff done like getting the License and meeting the wedding planner. We could finally r-e-l-a-x !

We spent themost of the day time relaxing in the pool and just generally having fun, i had a couple of beers, a swim and just spent some much needed time in the sunshine.

Fun in the Sun time!

We went out to do some shopping, we didnt venture far though, only to the Dollar shop where i bought Wonka's Gobstoppers 2x packets! they cost about £4 a pack here!! I also bought a friend some Twizzlers as he love them.
I had a quick browse in payless shoes, and im seriously kicking myself as they had some super cute shoes in there i didnt buy! booo *sniff* Maybe another year....

We did how ever go into Target, my first time in there .. A Target Virgin! wooo
I didnt realise how big target is... i lost my fiance, i lost my dad, so i gave up looking for them and went to the starbucks they had there... and guess what... i found everyone again.. ha! Great minds think alike!

my view from starbucks to target
 Dont you think this kinda looks like Jesus? ... ha

The rest of the day was spent relaxing somemore, and getting ready to go out in the evening... here is a taster of the evening..

Stay tuned, more to come!

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