What happened in Vegas... The Preperation & Leaving

Just before we went to Vegas we were working non stop, hardly seeing each other and basically didnt have much time to prepare. We were packing our cases like two days before, we had to take our dogs to the kennels the day before we flew which was heart breaking leaving them!! poor babies! haha :o)

I managed to only work half day on the friday before, but i had to work the saturday morning, which was a bit backward, but it helped me get to the bank to change my money up. I took  $1050 with me to Las vegas and it lasted really well! i even came home with $10 hah bargain! woo

(it went from a wedge of pounds... to a huge pile of Dollar!) hell-yeah!!

There is something about Dollars that make them seem like play money, or like monopoly money, not a good way to think of it when your going to Vegas as it can easily be spent in casino's!

We had a 9:40am flight, which wasnt so bad.. but it meant i had Zero sleep the night before, i was so excited. So i got up at like 4.30am woke mike and his brother up, as him and my mum stayed over as it made it easier in the morning to all leave for the airport together.
We went to Frankie and bennys for a fry up at the airport, i was sooooo hungry, but it was well needed.

 I cant believe i did no shopping at the airport, i think i was so excited about shopping in Vegas i just wanted to get to the gate and get to VEGAS!

Waiting at the gate, New pumps and the amazing HK sailor holdall ♥

Leaving on a jet plaaaane
Stay tuned, more to come!

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