Free Accessories!

I bought this dress from a website that sells clothing shoes accessories etc for £5 each no more no less.
My intention was to wear the dress to Vegas, but when it came to it i didnt like it anymore... too fussy i know.
my favourite thing sbout the dress is the studded bib style halter neck.
I wasnt too happy with giving this dress to a charity shop even though it didnt cost too much as i just couldnt part with it..

The Studded Bib
I had a look and it didn't look to thoroughly stitched on, so out came the scissors!

Loose threads attached the Bib ya see!

After cutting all the black thread the bib came off really easily! woo

See perfecto! i just need to find something to wear it with, as i dont really have anything at the moment.
Any ideas?

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