What happened in Vegas .... Day 6

A little bit of shopping and the most amazing show ever!

Today we had a lazy-ish day, then we decided it would be a good idea to jump in the car and hunt out the Local Premium Outlets, we drove for about 15 mins and after getting lost once, and an arguement in the car.... sigh.

We made it!

rubbish photo, but i was excited... haha
 The South Premium outlet had tons of shops, but the main reason i wanted to go was to get some Timberlands for my Stepdad, and to have a look in Hot topic outlet.
I managed to get some Timberlands for $67 in the dark chesnut colour he wanted as well, BARGAIN! think it worked out to be about £45 ... which is about £100 less than you'd pay here, so i was well chuffed, and so was he!

I had a look in hot topic but to be honest it was more expensive than the main shop, Although i am still kicking myself at not buying the Loungefly purse i saw... Gah! damn you hindsight!

I ended up searching everywhere for some Hello kitty Vans, but there was ONE shop... yes just One that had them (not even the Vans outlet had them! Wtf?) and they had a size 3, and im a size 6. I could have cried.
So i consoled myself and went into the Puma shop and bought some trainers for $40, i saw them in the windo then walked in made a be line for them grabbed my size and off we went... no thinking, or umming and arrhhing i just grabbed and paid! haha - Now i have worn them for a bit i bloody love them, there so comfy!

There totally cute, and comfy and cheap! so win win all round. :)

That was the only thing i bought at the Outlet for myself, i just couldnt see anything i like... i guess outlet shopping isnt really for me, i prefer the normal shops like Forever 21, Hot topic etc

In the evening we went to see The Blue man group... One word - AMAZING.

Our tickets - present from my grandad Preston.

Yep thats me in the tv screen!

Words cant really describe how good this show was, they really make you all interact with the show and its such fun! check this video out i found on Youtube -

I hope they tour the UK again ill definatly go see them again, was such good fun, im so glad we used our wedding present from my grandad to buy the tickets, as we wouldnt have been able to afford it otherwise.

More Vegas adventures soon!

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