Lush-able shopping trip

Pay day weekend and a recent pay rise meant i was able to treat myself to a few things from Lush, YAY!

I went into town with my friend Katy, and i took her to Lush for her first time, like many people shes put off my the smell, and how she knows nothing about the products, so off we went, i took her in and asked a assistant. (one who helped me last time, really lovely girl)

I made sure my friend was loaded up with samples so that she can test out how amazing their products are, i decided to try out a face mask called Catastrophe Cosmetic. It smells of Roses amongst other things. It felt really nice on my face and my skin felt nice and clean afterwards. Em stuck between this and the Love lettuce now... not sure which ones my favourite.

Sample pot of Catastrophe Cosmetic - £5.75 full size.
I also really wanted to try a new face moisturise as my skins been going a bit crazy lately, and so i asked for which one they would recommend for my skin, and then they offered me a sample of Vanishing Cream
I have to say so far this cream's pretty awesome and my skin feels nice and balance and not dry or flaky it smells quite nice too. I usually would run a mile at a face cream being £16.75 but, i really think ill buy the full size of this cream as its really so nice on my face!

Sample size of Vanishing Cream - Full size £16.75

The next face product i wanted to try was the Ocean Salt It smells lovely and re-freshing. Its Lime and coconut smelling, and its really large granuals of Salt. I tried it out and gave my face a good scrub, only to feel like screaming as it felt like razor blades on my skin!!!! OUCH! So i let Mike try it out and he liked it, and felt that it gave his skin a really good scrub. My face is just too sensitive for it i think.

Sample of Ocean Salt - Full size £12
The next item i bought was because i tried it last time, and just had to have it...

Bubble Gum lip scrub

Oh-M-Geeee this is amazing stuff, i literally want to eat the whole pot, its so good at exfoliating your lips too, and tastes so yummy after you lick it all off.. yum yum yummy yum.
I did worry that the expiry date is 2 months away, but then I've used it a few times already and i will probably use it all up in this time easily.

Bubblegum lip scrub - £4.75 Full size.
Now onto the colourful stuff!

I got Dorothy Bubble Bar which i thought looked cool, and not too girly so mike can use it too. 

Dorothy Bubble Bar - £2.99
I then bought the Butter Ball like normal as i love it, thats £2.40,but i dont have a photo of it. Its so oily and luxurious, definatly one for making you feel silky smooth.

Oooh before i forget i also bought Toner Tabs! - i got a Tea tree Toner Tab and a Steama tab which smells of citrus, i haven't used them before but i think they will be perfect for clearing our skin, you can also use it as a toner after its cooled down. So im looking forward to trying these out!
Steama on left - £1 - Tea tree Tab on right - 80p.
I really love the Store in Guildford they are really helpful :) I spent a grand total of £15.79! but i could have spent so much more if i had the money! boo.

 Cant wait to go try some more stuff out !

(I wasnt paid or perked for this post, i jsut love Lush!)

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