Hello Kitty Themed Gift Exhange!

Back in the beginning of December i contacted my penfriend Rachel and asked if she wanted to go a gift exchange for Christmas, she said yes...which quite frankly made me jump with joy.                           \>.</

I sent a box full of goodies to Rachel.. went slightly over budget, but hey its Christmas!

I received some really awesome stuff from her, she knows me so well!

All the goodies!
There was also a headphone jack pluggy... (Hello kitty hugging a bean.. but i was listening to music on my phone so had put it out of the dogs reach! - so i forgot to photograph it!)

Leopard print HK phone charm, which you can wipe your screen with ♥

2 packets of Sanrio stickers ♥


Rachel also bought me a letter writing set, which is amazing. We just cant get this kind of Hello kitty paper here! (at least i haven't seen it... if you see some in a shop be sure to tell me!!) Its so pretty... ahhh i could just wall paper my room in it to soak up its awesomeness! haha 

Hope you like it... i know i do, i cant wait to write some letters to her in my new snazzy paper!



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