My 'Get slim' wardrobe!

I'm back on the weight watchers plan properly, well i never really stopped i just bent the rules a bit. ;)

I am aiming to lose about another 3 stone to take me to under 9 stone ish. I know it will be hard work, but i really want to make this year my year to make a huge dent in that amount of weight loss. I did 1 stone last year, so i need to try get at LEAST another stone off this year... The good thing is, i have 3 lovely ladies to see at weight watchers every week, 2 of which are very good friends of mine, and one is a lovely new friend. Its alot  more fun to make the effort to try and lose the weight now.

For a bit of motivation i made a Mood board of some clothes i would LOVE to wear!

 I Picked Top shop firstly as their clothes haven't fit me for years, but recently i have seen a few things i really like.

 Firstly i really like this Burgundy speckle Tea dress, i would wear it with the Blue Geo Ponte blazer and possibly some thick tights and some flat pumps. I think i could even get away with wearing it over jeans too as its quite short. Next up i really love this Camo Jacket, i like the rolled up sleeves and the casual look about it. The black Disco pants are something that seem a distant dream away, i would love to be able to wear them, specially with the Blue Blazer. 
The red skater dress is just so nice, i would probably wear it now, but i want to nip my waist in  more, and tone up my arms. I think with some nice heels the dress would look awesome.

Next i had a look on Newlook to see what clothes they had that i like, but wouldn't necessary look good on me now.

First outfit is some Grey Jeggings, and the plum coloured vest top with a zipper detail on the boob area. I like the way the Plum vest top is floaty. This isn't something i would wear now as i feel i need to slim down and tone up the tummy / Hip area to be able to wear this and feel comfy. Plus i LOVE the plum colour at the moment. Next outfit is some nice blue skinny turn up jeans, believe it or not i have one pair of blue jeans. I love the grey marl peplum top with these jeans too, although i would wear it with the grey jeggings too, or black trousers for work. The last outfit is definitely something that i would not wear unless I've lost more weight, i would love to wear this style of printed skirt, but until I've slimmed the hip area down i wouldn't dare try it! I think the strawberry vest goes well with the belt, and i could stick a cardigan over it to keep warm.

I really had fun putting these mood boards together and they have given me a motivation boost to keep up with the weight loss, i mean if i do look at the fab clothes i can get!!!!



  1. Topshop were always my weight loss goal. When I was a size 20 I could only dream of some of their clothes. It's really rewarding now that I've lost five stone that I can shop in there!

    I'm desperate for some disco pants!

    1. Wow 5 stone is amazing, well done u!!!
      You should deffo invest in some disco pants I will be when I've lost my weight :-)

  2. I have my eye on that printed skirt from New LOok. It's lovely!

  3. Well done on losing a stone last year! I know how hard it is, I struggled to lose the pounds but once I found a plan to suit me it was easy so keep at it and well done again :) xxx


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