How to make Pizza... the weight watcher way!

Pizza is my favourite food, But i cant eat thick pan style any more as it gives me stomach ache. I think this is down to me doing weight watchers for so long i just cant take the stodge. So i decided to try out a Pizza that's actually quite healthy!

Here is a how to on making a weight watchers Pizza:

What you need to make the pizza's, 10 mins to cook at 210 degrees, and some scales!

So you will need: 

Wraps (mine were weight watchers ones which are 3pp each)
Tomato sauce for the base (mine was from weight watchers 'mediterranean sauce 1pp a sachet) 
Cheese - Grated mozzarella 30g is 2pp
Mushrooms - 0pp
Tomato - 0pp
A Pinch of dried Mixed Herbs
(You can add any extra veg for Zero points e.g. Onions, or Peppers) 

Pretty self explanatory but that's 30g of cheese... doesn't look alot does it... *sad face* lol
 Add sauce to the base, and sprinkle some dried herbs on top, Then...


Once you have chopped your toppings, add them onto the pizza in an orderly, non OCD fashion... I chopped the tomato's into chunks, but left the mushrooms as slices to give the pizza more texture, seeing as it has such a thin base.

Ready for cheese - Cheese added - In the oven - Tadaaaaa its ready!
 I think 10 mins is a bout a good time to keep these in the oven, although i kept mine in a bit longer as i wanted them to be quite well done. 

The best thing about these pizza's is that 'Two of these Pizza's are 12 pro points.

One slice of Pizza hut margarita is 6 pro points, yep ONE slice!


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