Sub Zero Weekend!

Our weekend was a nice cozy one.

Friday we were sent home from work early due to the weather. I went to work and there was no snow, by the time i left at 3pm it was like this...

I like the initial effects of the snow, like the noise the impact of your foot makes, crunch crunch crunch when you walk. What i dont like is not being able to walk the dogs, i have to take them seperatly as they pull me all of the place where they get so excited. I also dont like that i cant get to the gym as the roads were too crappy, and i dont like the ice under the snow. Its dangerous people, even though i cant help but snigger when i see people go all slippery and there legs go like bambi... tehehe

-My weekend in pictures-

Warning: Dont eat yellow snow. Or pick up snow in a park thats had dogs crap everywhere... Frozen snowpoo balls are not fun people!!!


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