Boxing day sales - NEWLOOK

So as i mentioned before i popped into New look on boxing day to spend a gift voucher from my mother in law.

It was one amazing looking gift voucher in the shape of a cracker, it even went bang when i opened it! 

I knew i wanted Jumpers, so i dashed in scanned the shop and grabbed the First Jumper with the Aztec print and the bright pink.. i saw it a while ago for full price of £25 and i couldn't justify it. But at £15 i had to have it! I really love it, annoyingly my bag has bobbled it, so i need to sort that out.

1. Aztec Jumper £15 - 2. Pink shawl style - £6 - 3. Red Jumper £10
 Next i bought the Red jumper for £10, the colour got me... i Luuuuurve it! 
You just cant beat BRIGHT red with black leggings and boots, so easy to wear.

I then went to new look on a different day and had a quick look at the sale offerings...
I spent £8 on the pink cardigan above and a pair of earrings... i thought it would be nice and can be worn through now until spring time, and even summer evenings. Very versatile and a nice dusty pink colour. 

The earrings were only £2! total bargain. I like the way they look kind of spiky yet elegant, i think ill be able to dress them up if i want to, i think the bronze colour will go nice with my hair at the moment too. (which is still red)

I keep popping my head into New look on the hope they have a mental low priced sale... *fingers crossed*


  1. Love new look sales, enjoying the earrings !! x

  2. Oh I like the red jumper, and I'm glad to have found your blog :) X


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