Bacon Nail Varnish: Miss sporty Metal Flip

I bought this nail varnish a while ago and really thought the duo chrome would look nice...

I picked up two of the Miss sporty Metal flip nail varnishes, one is a blue base, and one a bronze base.  

This one is called 'Beetle Wings' (It should have been called 5 day old Bacon in the fridge) 

Can you see it... it has that look that Bacon or ham gets when its been in the fridge a few days, The metallic shiny look. 

Don't get me wrong this varnish is easy to apply, the effect looks cool after two coats. But this colour... uggghhhhh i don't like the green, i wish it was Duo chrome with another colour. 

Shame as it looked so nice in the bottle... fingers crossed the blue toned one i have looks nicer.

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