Benefit Virgin...

I am no longer a Benefit Virgin!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen these photos..

Goodie bag!
Farnham Boutique
 I decided to pop into my local Benefit Boutique for a browse... only to discover they had a sale on! The sales assistant was really helpful and not too in your face which was nice. 
I asked if they had any samples of The There real Mascara as i've heard so much about out, sadly they didn't, but she sat me down and put the Mascara on me... and O-M-G..

Excuse the tired looking eyes...
 I didn't buy this though, as my plan is to use my Boots coupon to earn extra Advantage card points when i purchase it in my huge boots store near me! 

After i tried out this Mascara i was having a browse and the assistant told me that if you bought any two items in the shop you got a bag filled with some freebies including a make up bag... i was sold straight away!

My goodies!
 I really wanted to try out their Erase paste and the lady pointed me in the direction of the Sale corner where they had the set 'Finding Mr Bright' and it included Erase paste in Medium (which is my colour luckily!)

Finding Mr Bright
I really love this set, i have seen it in a number of youtube video's and always thought for the price it would be a big set, but yet its actually quite tiny. Im glad i only paid £12, even though i do love it. I think its a good sample box of the products, and its made me want pretty much all of them. (Except Posie Tint, i just don't get it... doesn't work on my lips, and you have to work really fast to blend on your cheeks or you get red lines) I love the little box though, its so cute with the mirror and the bright colours... ahhh i cant stop staring at it.

I have been using the Erase Paste every day this week, and i can happily say i think i love it more than my Soap & Glory Kick ass concealer. I feel bad saying it, but i find this one easier to use. I can just dab it on, and blend and its done. Dark circles are banished.

I then bought a Perfume called Lookin' to rock Rita, which smells like Holidays...ahhhh its so nice!  The website describes the scent as' Lemon, coconut and Freesia, with bottom notes of Sandal wood, Brazilian rosewood and Vanilla.
I literally feel like i could spritz it on, close my eyes and i feel like I'm sipping a cocktail on a beach... its really that nice and it was only £12 in the sale for the 30ml bottle.

Lookin' to rock Rita

The freebies that were in the bag were, Lindt chocolate - yum! Pore fessional Pro Balm, Total Moisture Facial cream, Triple Performing Facial emulsion (in the incredibly cute glass bottle) None of which i have tried yet, but i will get round to it when my skins not being fickle.
I also got a mini tube sample of Stay don't Stray Eyeshadow and concealer Primer, I've been using it every day under the erase paste and its really good. I'm very tempted to buy this in full size.  
How cute is it!??!
 There was also a Bad Girl Mascara sample, which to be honest im a bit Mehh about, i don't like the Huge brush size, it reminds me of the soap and glory mascara which didn't get on with very well solely down to the brush size.
Stumpy little brush
   The Make up bag i received is a decent,but i don't really like the design its just a blatant freebie you get with the Pore fessional.. I might use it, or i might give it away, im undecided yet.

I am going to be saving my money up for a while now to buy Some of Benefits products in full size, and will probably put some on my birthday list, even though its 6 months away! haha




  1. I have both Kick Ass Concealer and Erase Paste but I find the Benefit one SO fiddly because the pot is so small!

    1. Do you have the full size erase paste or the sample size like I do? This pots pretty small but I do have a concealer brush for the hard to reach bits when it starts running out.

  2. i paid like £20 ish so i guess full size!


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