Whats in my 'Just Fab' Bag?!

I have seen so many you tubers talk about Just Fab in the US, and always though, i wish that was in the UK. Then the other night, i stumbled upon the Just fab website and realised since September they have been available the UK!!!

**** Happy Happy Dance!!!!! ****

Just Fab logo, Membership letter, Opening the Package, My bag!!

I signed up to be a VIP member which basically means everything on the website is £35, except special edition stuff. The catch is if you don't want to order, or cant afford it, you need to 'Skip this month' Before the 5th of every month as they charge your card on the 6th. (You can cancel the membership at anytime though)

 I ordered the Gallivant bag in Black which i love! I really needed a black bag, one that goes with pretty much everything, and i can fit everything in for work, weight watchers, and for them cinema trips where you want to take you own snacks, come on I'm sure I'm not the only one?! haha
The material of the bag is not real leather, but it doesnt look cheap like normal imitation leather ones do. I like the finish of the bag, i feel like it will age well.

Bag 360ish...

What i love most about my new bag is that it has 3 ways to hold it, literally 3 sets of handles. You can either wear it across body /on a long strap over one arm Or use the smaller strap and stick it over your shoulder, OR there are two handlers on each end, next to the buckle and you can carry it like a Hobo style bag.

Smaller handles, Lining, Inner pockets (it has a mobile phone & other gadget pocket)

I have used it every which way. You know when your shoulder starts hurting when you've been carrying your bag for a while, well these options stop the shoulder ache! 
The Lining is a nice Bronze / Brown colour with a pattern, it feels really grown up and sophisticated, not just a tacky cheap material. Its nice to get things out of your bag and see a girly lining,  Makes it feel that bit more glam.

So i thought i would show you what i've been carrying around it it this week...

 Yep, i really did fit all of that in my bag. 

  • Weight watchers folder & Tracker
  • Diary & Notebook
  • Sanrio / Sesame street pouch with all my lip balms, body spray, hand cream, Japanese Pinky Sweets, Compact mirror.
  • Las Vegas purse (Emergency items; Lady stuff, pain killers, hair bands, plasters)
  • Pauls Boutique Purse, Gum & Hello kitty Pluggy for the headphone jack on my phone.
  • House keys & work ID.
I can fit a lot more stuff in this bag if i needed to, like my small lunch box that i carry my snacks to work in, and a scarf and few other bits if needed. 

If you want to try out Just Fab then if you use the Link below & i believe it gives you 50% off your first purchase within 24hours.

(Just so you know, im not sponsored to write this, and i havent been asked to write about it either. I just wanted to share my lovely new bag and give you the option to get 50% off!)

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