Boxing day Sales - BOOTS

After we hit Lush we went to Boots as i was desperate to get some soap and glory gift sets...

I had an idea of what i wanted and was really happy to see they had this set..

Bubble time... there is a Body milk and Body wash both smell like Oats, brown sugar and Almond... seriously nice!

The awesome bonus to this set is the alarm clock, its so cute ♥ 

I was impressed to see that a battery for the clock was included in the set, well done Soap and Glory, nothing worse than getting present that has no batterys!

Also this clock is really quiet no ticking to keep me awake at night which is good. It has a snooze button at the top, which also is a light so you can see the time when its dark... this gift set cost me £9 as it was 50% off. 

I did see a couple other gift sets which i liked, but i couldnt decide so i didnt bother wasting my money for the sake of it. 


  1. I got this set for Christmas, I agree it actually smells amazing!
    The clock is good too, I have trouble sleeping so the fact it doesnt tick is a massive bonus!
    Love your blog :) x

    1. Thanks for commenting! I love my little clock... the alarm not so much :) x

  2. Love these items, the clock is lush.. i really need a non-noisy close as mine keeps me up all night!

    1. You should maybe see if you can get a set from a bigger boots, quite a few still have gift sets left.. from what ive seen online anyway. thanks for your comment, and ill check you blog out now! Thanks for your link x


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