Accessorize me!

Following on from my birthday i popped into a town local to me which is quite historical, and has lots of Boutiques rather than main stream shops.

Strolling through the park

Walking through the town

Dove shaking its tail feathers..
Sitting outside Starbucks painting my nails

Chocolate Frap for Geo!
 It does however have an Accessorize, so after i went to have a Starbucks and paint my nails i had a wander in, and they had a 70% off sale... 

Armed with Birthday Money this is what i bought..

Pre sale £10 - 70% off £3 - necklace and 2 sets earrings.

Pre sale £4 - 70% off £1.20

Pre sale £6 - 70% off £1.80

Pre sale £4 - 70% off £1.20

Pre sale £4 - 70% off £1.20
 So i only spent £8.40 and made a saving of £19.60!! Totally worth looking at the Jewellery etc in there. My mum was like.. 'Your a real Girly girl arnt you..' 

I looked at my jeans, hoody and trainers, hair scraped back into a bun an no make up on, and was like .. 'Errr no mum' lol

Bless her. (^_^)

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