Shopping Haul...

Just keeping it real people!

It makes me laugh sometimes at the Hauls people post about... But you never see them talk about how much they spent at Tesco or Wilko's etc this is where most my money goes and im not left with much to treat myself to Cosmetics or Clothes. I usually do it on an alternate basis, one month i get treat, the other i dont.. July is a Dont month.

This post is a bit of a Joke really... just thought it would be funny! haha


  1. I like this haul :) it's a realistic one! I spend most of my money in Asda :P and Poundland. I do give myself 10pound limit a week on cosmetics, which I stretch to spend and think coming August will have to scratch that. xx

  2. I love this, I always love finding people's discarded shopping list in trolleys. I'm always intrigued to know what they buy and what they like. I love food so I am always wanting to know what food is best to buy! I think that maybe people should actually do shopping hauls and list what they've bought, I think I'd be more interested in that that I would with clothing!


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